Nov 14, 2019
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Brad Penn SAE 10W-40

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Brad Penn Superior Fuel Efficient Motor Oils meet the lastest API and ILSAC performance categories and provide a significant upgrade over previos API SL / ILSAC GF-3 engine oils. These new API SM / ILSAC GF-4 formulations offer considerable improvements in several key areas as emissions system durablity, initial and long term fuel economy, oxidation protection, used oil pumpability, and piston cleaniness.

Brad Penn Fuel Efficient Motor Oils are formulated with high quality base oils and an optimized additive system that includes enhanced friction modifier additives. These motor oils are formulated to meet the demands of the smaller, high output gasoline engines and provide better fuel economy, help protect emissions systems, and improve overall engine oil life. 2004 and newer vehicles will especially benefit because of the increased emission system protection offered by ILSAC GF-4 formulations.

SAE 10W-40 meets Ford's Performance standard WSS-M2C929-A. All three viscositites exceed General Motors low temperature pumpability requirements listed in GM Engine Oil Specification 6094M.

Brad Penn is recommended for gasoline fueled passenger cars, light duty trucks, vans, and SUV's requiring API SM / ILSAC GF-4 engine. They are suitable for use in vechiles requiring previous API service categories of SL,SJ,SH,SG,SF, AND SE respective viscosity grades.


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